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"I can't thank you enough for another beautiful evening and all the years of such amazing, uplifting memories. The recital dances and the confidence of the girls (confidence - because of you!) were a pleasure to watch. Thank you for giving Leslie exactly what I was hoping for when I signed her up with you so many years ago - The joy of movement and performance and most important - self-expression. See you in September!" Love, Nancy Marsh



"I just wanted to thank you for this year! This was Lyla's first dance class and you made it such a wonderful experience. I'm not sure how you do it some days, but you keep them interested, taught them so much, and instilled in them a sense of confidence, I really saw it with the older girls at rehearsal - you believe in each girl and it shows, and it makes them believe in themselves, and that is an amazing gift you are giving your students. Your patience is never-ending and I appreciate all you taught Lyla this year!" Best, Amelia Slawsby

"If anyone is interested in finding a super nice, non-competitive dance school, I know one!  And your kids can start at any age!


I wanted to spread the word because I don't know if many people in Sherborn know about Miss Erin!  My daughters both started dance for the first time two years ago in a jazz, tap, hip/hop class.  My oldest daughter, Annabel, was in 8th grade and had never taken dance.  Miss Erin welcomed her with open arms into a class with girls her age - and now my daughter considers dance one of her most favorite activities and has developed such a nice friendship with Miss Erin!  My other daughter, Amelia, was in 4th grade and took a class with all Dover girls.  She LOVED it - and is so thrilled to have met so many Dover friends!  Miss Erin's warmth and enthusiasm is key to building such a wonderful bond with her students, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.


Miss Erin puts on an absolutely amazing recital in Spring at the Mudge Auditorium that the kids (and parents) LOVE!!!  She teaches pre-schoolers on up to adults.  In fact, many of Miss Erin's students have been featured dancers in the Dover-Sherborn High School musicals!" Lisa Hodson-Walker  


Annabel and Amelia ready for their Spring Dance Recital . . . 




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