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Classes will typically begin with a center floor warm-up which will include stretching, isolations and a variety of jazz steps. Across the floor combinations will help the dancer develop his or her technique and fluidity. These combinations may include a variety of jazz walks, kicks, turns, leaps and progressions as the dancer advances. Commercial, funk and broadway styles are taught.

This style of dance is very beautiful and expressive and is influenced by jazz, as well as ballet. Proper technique will be taught and emphasized so that the dancer will develop a strong core for good balance. Center work and across the floor progressions will be part of learning this graceful form of dancing.

Hip Hop

This funky style of dance is very popular and is mostly rooted in street dance. It's upbeat, rhythmic and danced to current music. All hip hop classes include some jazz technique. Center work and progressions across the floor are also part of this fun class!


Many steps and combinations of steps will be taught in the tap classes. Shuffles, flaps, cramp rolls, buffalo step, soft shoe, time steps, waltz clog are some of the many rhythmic steps in the tap vocabulary. Music can range anywhere from popular to oldies to broadway. As long as there is a good beat, a tap dance can be created! Repetition is key to learning tap. First the steps are learned then practiced slowly and then picked up to a lively pace.


Classes will begin at the ballet barre where alignment and turnout (from the hips) will be emphasized to increase range of movement. Center work is taught to develop porte de bras (carriage of the arms) and balance. Across the floor work may include turns, leaps and traveling steps. Ballet terminology will mostly be taught in French. Students must be proficient on demi pointe before beginning both pre-pointe and pointe.

Preschool Through Kindergarten

Combination classes are offered for the little dancers and always include ballet with either tap or jazz. Songs are part of the preschool level dance experience. Scarves, teddy bears, magic wands, tambourines and even parasols are used to capture the wonderful imagination of the young child. These props add an element of fun and help to develop coordination and movement. Ballet vocabulary is taught as children are encouraged to sing along the steps while dancing! Keeping in mind that each child learns at his or her own pace, these classes aim to build confidence in the young child in a loving and nurturing environment.




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